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Advances in cloud technology are creating many new opportunities for legal and IT teams looking for the best approach to e-discovery.

New applications are fundamentally changing the way we create, share and interact with data. At the same time, cloud computing is driving down the cost of data storage, leading to even greater volumes of data being retained in more disparate places. As a result, traditional approaches to e-discovery are unable to recognize and harness opportunities arising from the accelerating shift toward the cloud.

This webinar explores, in depth, e-discovery challenges, including:

  • Dealing with growing amounts of data
  • Disparate storage methodologies
  • Data accessibility
  • Security and encryption standards
  • The “consumerization” of business information systems

Further, the panel explored up-to-date methods for using technological advances in cloud computing to solve problems and create a strategic advantage.

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[Webinar] Cloud E-Discovery: Solving the Right Problems with a Modern Approach

Featured Panel:

Woods Abbott
Director of Legal Operations Raytheon Company

Brad Harris
VP of Products

Scott Ward
Solutions Architect 
Amazon Web Servies


Craig Ball
Attorney, Forensic Technologist and Special Master

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