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Watch On-Demand - Reducing the Cost of Preservation

This recording focuses on ways to address the escalating cost of preservation, including:  

  • Balancing the cost of over-collection and the threat of sanctions for data loss 
  • Methods for mastering preserve-in-place and collect-to-produce techniques
  • Managing retention of preserved ESI and defensible deletion 
  • Tracking your real, total preservation costs in a systematic way
  • Identifying key drivers of preservation from multiple perspectives

How can eDiscovery management leaders right size preservation efforts while maintaining defensibility? 

Watch to learn from those who have navigated these challenges.

The great architect Mies van der Rohe said that less is more. But when we talk about electronic discovery, less is actually less, and it translates to less in every phase. When we pay less for preservation, we pay less for processing. Then we're faced with less to deal with in review, and less to convert in production. 

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