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Government FOIA Response Solution Brief:
Decreasing the Pain of Responding to Public Records Requests

As data grows exponentially each year, there is an increasing amount of electronically stored information (ESI) subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or other public records request requirements.

Federal government agencies alone have collectively received over 700,000 FOIA requests annually since 2013, and government legal teams -- often with few resources -- are under immense pressure to turn requests around quickly and precisely.

In this FOIA solution brief, get tips for addressing challenges such as:

  • Increased volume of requests and complexity and volume of ESI subject to FOIA / Public Records Requests

  • Hard to use tools, reliant upon IT for collections causes delay to the process

  • Manual processes for redaction, not able to quickly produce information in format that protects privacy and sensitive information

  • Difficulty with meeting deadlines
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