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Case Law 
Fall 2016

Numerous 2016 opinions conclude with
serious sanctions for destruction of evidence

Preservation Case Law Summaries Fall 2016

Numerous 2016 opinions conclude with serious sanctions for destruction of evidence


It’s been an interesting nine months since the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure went into effect. In this fall 2016 edition of our Case Law Update, we highlight 38 cases from 2016 that explore the impact of new rules on proportionality, scope of discovery, and sanctions for spoliation.

Download to learn more about these most recent preservation cases:

  • First Niagara Risk Mgmt., Inc. v. Folino

  • Hyles v. New York City

  • Elkharwily v. Franciscan Health Sys.

  • Atiles v. Golub Corp.

  • Fulton v. Livingston Fin., LLC

  • Wagoner v. Lewis Gale Med. Ctr., LLC

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