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The Pitfalls of Homegrown
E-Discovery Software Development 

Factors to consider before you invest

Before embarking on the path of designing a homegrown
e-discovery solution, corporate legal and IT departments must take stock of the fact that one of their company’s most important assets, the company’s brand, is on the line. There are high standards and the expectation is that corporations will demonstrate through their interaction with customers, the regulatory authorities, and the courts, their organization’s integrity, good faith, and adherence to best practices. 

Following are five factors to consider when evaluating building your own e-discovery software in house:

  • Core Competency

  • Trust and Credibility with Courts and Regulators

  • Resources and Commitment for Continuous Improvement and Security

  • Keeping up With E-Discovery Changes 

  • Accessibility and Adoption of Homegrown E-Discovery Software


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