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Stop Collecting Forensic Images 
Why corporations don't need to collect forensic images to be defensible in court

Litigation response. The term sends shivers down your spine. It’s understandable, since as soon as there is a triggering event, where a corporation or entity can reasonably anticipate litigation, the duty to preserve electronically stored information (ESI) or “electronic evidence” attaches and it becomes your responsibility to: a) not lose data b) not alter data and c) document your process and actions.

How corporations go about managing this process can make a significant difference on the total cost of litigation.  

Download this resource to learn:

  • How you can defensibly collect ESI data without forensic imaging

  • Why your peers are dissatisfied with the expense, lack of control, and business disruption associated wasteful and time-consuming methodologies

  • How to navigate efficient collection of new data source and repositories

  • The key to empowering your in-house legal team with a modern approach


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