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of Highly Effective Data Collections  

Best Practices for Dramatically Improving Your Data Collections Today
Law departments realize they must change their habits regarding how they approach the front end of the e-discovery process. There is great opportunity for them to improve the entire process and reduce costs by taking a serious look at each step from information governance, to identifying custodians, to placing legal holds, to collecting the data.
This resource outlines best practices in effective data collections such as:
  • Focusing on targeted collections right from the start, rather than “Collecting Everything”
  • Collecting evidence soundly to be able to prove that your Collection protected the metadata
  • Sharing the collections responsibility between Legal and IT through building capabilities and processes to eliminate friction
  • Working smarter by adopting efficient ways to collect from remote locations, thus avoiding business disruption, unnecessary travel and expensive consultants 
  • Accepting that new technologies are becoming part of the business, rather than trying to ban them, adapt your collection strategies


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