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New Resource:
The Hidden Costs of a Manual Legal Hold Process

A vast majority of organizations still use a spreadsheet and email-based manual process to manage litigation holds.

Because the costs are largely hidden in salaries and the risk is tough to quantify, the real costs have been hard to measure. 

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  • The cost of inefficiency and human error

  • How to know if you are 'over-preserving' 

  • Why defensibility is key to winning cases

  • How to achieve 260% ROI through process automation

Your Manual Legal Holds Costs Too Much Whitepaper serves
as a guide for organizations of any size in tackling the task of
preservation that at times can seem overwhelming. 

Download it now and give your preservation strategy an advantage.

"The costs associated with defending against spoliation accusations can eclipse any actual sanctions. Spending time, effort and money early should take this argument away from your opponents."
- John Jablonski

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