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Legal Hold Benchmark Report
2016 Edition

The Legal Hold and Data Preservation Benchmark Survey is the industry’s most extensive survey research series focusing on legal data preservation and collections practices.

The 2016 results report builds on consecutive years of study (2013-2016), with over 600 professionals dealing directly with litigation hold management participating.

Findings include insights and trends on demographics, processes, common pain points and risks associated with legal holds and data preservation, such as:
  • A strong response showing a vast majority of automated users feel “confident” or “very confident,” compared with 59% of manual users-- a huge 26% difference

  • Respondents using automated systems trust custodian compliance at 76% versus just 56%, more than double the spread from 2015 which was 9.8%

  • In looking at a “culture of compliance,” 69% of survey respondents said they conduct some form of training for employees. This is down from 2015’s 75%, but about average compared to each prior year

  • Manual users are 60% more likely to express a desire to upgrade compared to automated users. The gap closed slightly vs. 2015 which saw this at 67%


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