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Get the Third Annual
Legal Hold and Data Preservation
Benchmark Survey Report

The industry’s most extensive study of preservation
practices finds processes still lack maturity

The Benchmark Survey is the industry’s most extensive survey series focused on legal data preservation and collections practices. Building on the inaugural 2013 and 2014 studies, over 421 professionals dealing directly with litigation hold management participated.


The report has findings on the demographics, processes, common pain points and risks associated with legal holds, data preservation and data collection. Some of the key findings include:

  • More than half of survey respondents still use manual processes for tracking litigation holds, and 3.5 percent communicate litigation holds verbally; nearly half of respondents now have a software system in place.

  • 34 percent of the survey respondents have had to defend their preservation efforts, a fact that underscores the importance of defensible processes.

  • 56 percent of respondents consider their organization to be "at risk" when it comes to legal holds.

  • When evaluating efforts to create a "culture of compliance" through training, 75 percent of participants say their organization offers training in data preservation, but only 36 percent feel custodians understand their responsibilities.

  • When comparing their data preservation process to peer organizations, 62 percent indicate they do "better than most"; however, this figure jumps to 80 percent among respondents using an automated system.

  • When automating the legal holds process, organizations report a range of benefits and on average perform nearly 20 percentage points better in key actions tied to best practices such as issuing reminders, custodian follow up, and handling departing employees.


Download Now for the complete comparison of 2015 vs. 2014 vs. 2013 results.

Also, included are ideas to improve your efficiency, confidence and satisfaction based on habits of those who are doing it best.

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