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New Resource: The Enlightened Legal Hold

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  • How to avoid the 5 Deadly Sins of Legal Holds 

  • Why a legal hold is an organic, bespoke process

  • How to know if you are 'over-preserving' 

  • 9 key elements of a sound legal hold 

  • When to expect higher standards, raised stakes, and new vulnerabilities

Three years after the Pension Committee opinion, Judge Shira Scheindlin's message is still loud and clear: The courts do not want to waste time and squander resources on motion practice, depositions and reams of submissions growing out of inexcusable failures to properly preserve relevant ESI.

Now is the time for enlightened legal holds, an age when counsel have the judgment to distinguish what must be preserved, the knowledge to negotiate and lucidly communicate the scope, and the skills and tools to select and instruct on reasonable and effective methods of preservation. 

The Enlightened Legal Hold serves as a guide for organizations of any size in tackling the task of preservation that at times can seem overwhelming. This version includes updated citations and other improvements to guide you on your path to Preservation Nirvana.

Download it now and give your preservation strategy an advantage.

Brad Harris 
VP Legal Products

Craig Ball 
Attorney and Forensic Technologist

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