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4 Considerations
For Managing E-Discovery In A Changing Tech Environment

As increasing numbers of corporations move to cloud productivity solutions like Microsoft Office 365, Box, Google Apps, and others, the legal department is tasked with the expanded challenge of managing the complex process of discovery in an environment where electronically stored information (ESI) is not only growing at an exponential rate but it is in multiple locations both physical and virtual and even the constitution and value of the data has changed.


How cloud productivity tools like Office 365, Google and Box are changing the way we should look at e-Discovery.

Corporations managing e-discovery in this changing tech environment should consider these four best practices as they navigate this new terrain:

  • Understand the different types of metadata produced with cloud data

  • Do awareness training to inform better policies

  • Consider all data sources

  • Evaluate native e-discovery capabilities in cloud systems and develop a consistent process

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