Legally Defensible Data Migration

PREX17 session summary about when and how to move data

If it’s time to move your data, perhaps to affordable cloud storage, how can you prevent loss or alteration?
  • Learn where your data is and what it’s doing for you

    Most organizations don’t know what data they have or why they have it. Yes, storage is cheap, but every penny you spend storing data you don’t need is wasted. Get the full story on business data.
  • Discern why and when you should, and shouldn’t, migrate data

    Migrating data to cloud storage has its advantages, but it can also cause data alteration and loss, especially for metadata. Learn the risks of migration and when it’s appropriate

  • With in-depth information from an industry expert

    Speaker Bill Tolson, Vice President of Marketing for Archive 360, shares insights from his extensive work with business data, including storage, migration and e-discovery concerns.

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